Let Us Sell Your Home.

We can help you get your house sold!

Our service can be more convenient than a real estate agent and also more affordable.

Contact us for more details, we look forward to speaking with you.


  • We will advertise your home locally in several circulars and online, etc.
  • We will assess and recommend a price that we believe is market driven for your home to sell.
  • You can put a reserve on your home (a price that it cannot be sold lower than).
    • A No-sale fee will be applied for this service.
  • There are no contingencies for the sale of your home it will be sold as is.
  • There is normally a large non-refundable deposit made at time of sale
  • Your home will be settled on quickly—Normally within 30-45 days
  • Our rates are 2-4%. Realtors charge minimum of 6% to sell your home.

  • Services

  • We will produce a high quality flyer showing pictures of your home to hand out including plot plan, deed etc.
  • We will assist in setting up and showing your home to perspective buyers.
  • We will stage an open house type format if you wish before the sale of the property.
  • We will assist in finalizing the sale with closing and other documents.
  • Will place high quality visible signs at your location to attract passing buyers

  • Services

    Advertising will be done through the following applicable media formats:

  • Local Merchandiser
  • Lancaster Farmer
  • Community Courier
  • The Guide
  • Our Auction House Of Dover Website
  • Facebook