About Us

We are a small family run Auction House in Dover, PA. We first got our start with on-site auctions in late 2016. We then purchased the old Weiglestown Bowling Alley and remodeled it, turning it into the premier auction house that it is today. We held our first in-house auction in February of 2017. By the end of 2017 we gained a 2nd location with the purchase of Mt. Royal Auction House.

  • We purchased the old Weiglestown Bowling Alley, 3223 Alta Vista Road, Dover, Pa. in August 2016.
  • We have 8 televisions to view the auction from anywhere in the building.
  • We have a 75” main TV screen above the auctioneer with a motor operated camera for viewing an item from all sides.
  • We have 6 speakers in the main auction hall and there will be speakers in every room, including the bathrooms. The auction can be heard no matter where you are.
  • We have installed 15 cameras inside and outside for the highest level of security for you and your merchandise.
  • We have a full service kitchen and dining area where you can order food, eat at tables provided in the lounge area, and still see the auction while enjoying your meal.
  • We are completely computerized from bid taking to selling and buying, everything will be updated instantly during the auction.

Mr. William P. Gula

Mr. William P. Gula and William D. Often have partnered to produce an Auction House like no other.

Mr. William D. Often

Mr. William P. Gula and William D. Often have partnered once again

Ron Snell


Ron is our licensed auctioneer and also in charge of consignments.

Ben Kress

Auctioneer Apprentice

Ben is our Auctioneer Apprentice.

Jeremiah Driscoll

Auctioneer Apprentice

Jeremiah is our Auctioneer Apprentice.

Cindi Often

Advertising and Food service

Cindi is the General Manager and in charge of Advertising and Food service.

Heidi Jackson

Heidi will be handling all of our online & print advertising, product photography, as well as, managing the website and social media.

Jean Firestone


Jean Firestone will be handling the notary and clerking duties, as well as, cashiering.

Jane Dietrich


Jane will be cashiering as well as clerking.

Candy Knots


Candy is our Head Chef and is happy to serve up some of her favorite recipes for your enjoyment!